Uni Blog 2018

Hello, so this is a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around my final major project from university (over a year ago). The aim of the blog was explore the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Feels like a million years ago I started this but anyway, hope you enjoy 

Nick Ross

Nick Ross is a Scottish designer who creates a fictional narrative by exploring the past. He wrote in Pamono website a little bit about himself which describes his work and inspiration: 

“My work looks at the role of history and storytelling in how we perceive the world around us, by working with themes such as place, origin, and the role fiction plays in past and present societies. My main interest lies in how guesswork or cultural ‘curation’ can create situations where we are influenced to think in certain ways and feel certain things.”

what I enjoy about Nicks works is how he abstracts history into narrative whilst having a material quality. As I got familiar with the thought process and I saw a potential for my own project to share the same values, one which would create an abstract project, provoking a thought and value vs a practical commercial product.

Blair McIntosh