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Hello, so this is a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around my final major project from university (over a year ago). The aim of the blog was explore the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Feels like a million years ago I started this but anyway, hope you enjoy 

Scott Licznerski: Architect + Artist

Today I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Scott Licznerski, Edinburgh born architect who is now pursuing his own art in London. Scott had gained experience in architecture which took him to Japan and moved back to Edinburgh to lecture the Master architecture course whilst being asked to do so in Amsterdam

Although on the surface it may seem distant from my exploration theme, I felt it was necessary to see what an experienced and talented architect’s point of view was on the home. I was hoping to gain insight into how we interact with space within the home. However what was to come was something I was wasn’t expecting but has greatly broadened my thinking. 

Naturally, as we talked about nomadic culture, Scott's experience of living in a megacity, Tokyo. It’s crazy to see how far away their culture is to our home life here in Britain. One of the things which struck me most was the idea that “the cities become your home”. Due to the scale of Megacities, the coffee shop becomes your living room, the gym becomes you bathroom, street food becomes your kitchen, love hotels become a place of privacy. the modern city is about flexibility. It was interesting though to think that modern nomads aren't too dissimilar to those that roamed 200 years ago - “the one who wonders for pasture” Greek definition

One of the more alarming things was after reading a trend report following our meeting, the likely hood of this being a normal occurrence may arise.

Some photos refrencing our chat

Some photos refrencing our chat

Blair McIntosh