Hello, so this is going to be a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around some projects. Right now I'm exploring the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Hope you enjoy 

Knowing Nomads


Sandy & Kirsty & Noah - Dubia

Today saw the first of many interviews revolving around the home environment for those who are frequently on the move. This first interview, came more as a sleepy chit chat as my brother and his family got ready for bed… in Dubai. 

The back story - Sandy, Kirsty and Noah moved over to Dubai a couple of years ago and have moved apartments twice in there time there. In addition to the flat jumping, they find themselves in an entirely new environment - from Scottish showers to desert dust.

Our conversation uncovered many little hidden stories: from the things they took with them when they first set off, defining what a home was, creating new memories whilst having time to reminisce  about old ones and having a place where you can be yourself.  

on reflection of this it put emphasis on the importance of the small nicknacks around the house and less about the larger pieces:  “ the home is made of 1000 of interactions so to have 1 product and say this is home over simplifies it” - Sandy

Blair McIntosh