Hello, so this is going to be a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around some projects. Right now I'm exploring the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Hope you enjoy 

Cabinet of Curiosity


Edinburgh Gallery of Modern Art

These are traditionally associated with the 16th and 17th centre where owners would fill the cabinets with object demonstrating their knowledge of archaeological, geological and natural history objects. however, in this particular example are the cabinets of 20th centre surliest home which to focus on the baffling and unexpected.  

What I found interesting from this was how the artefacts inside evoked curiosity in the viewer. However, maybe more importantly to this was the realisation that as humans we tend to collect 'things' which evokes certain emotions, artefacts of our lives. Although this wasn't the purpose of the curiosity cabinets, it stimulated this thought of how we collect items, whether it's a pebble from a beach or a bottle cap from a night out. could this maybe become a library of nomadic stories? 

Blair McIntosh