Hello, so this is going to be a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around some projects. Right now I'm exploring the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Hope you enjoy 

Design Direction No.2


After discovering how a family of diffusers would be too expensive and the project needing to have more character than three basic forms; the design direction has been tweaked.  it was also the observation that these glowing volumes may create some glare in the space of the home that induced the changed. 

In addition to this, at the 'Stocklholm Furniture and Lighting Fair' menu has just released the 'TR Bulb' of which is a versatile glowing globe. Understanding that that this earlier idea may be of a style/ trend is something I would like to avoid. Rather than appealing to what is currently 'cool' I hope that the form and style which these object to embody to be of their own style and character.

So the idea for 'Design Direction No.2' is too utilities the walls as natural diffuser. In doing this, the light source will be hidden whilst creating a even glow as it reflects off the wall.

Blair McIntosh