Uni Blog 2018

Hello, so this is a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around my final major project from university (over a year ago). The aim of the blog was explore the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Feels like a million years ago I started this but anyway, hope you enjoy 

Connecting the Lights


So with the interaction simplified, it was time to get a better understanding of how to connect the three light wirelessly. The lights would be able to communicate with one and other relatively seamless if there were connected with wires. However to create the desired effect, wireless was the way forward.

In a conversation with Tommy, we had talked about different options but 'XBEE' seemed most appropriate. XBEE's use there own wireless system to transfer data from Arduino to Arduino;  opposed to using the wifi from the building. Tommy had also mentioned how XBEE's was the bain of his life... so well see how it goes.

So each light will need there own Arduino Nano and XBEE, so that will be something to bear in mind when thinking of the form of the lights.

Blair McIntosh