Hello, so this is going to be a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around some projects. Right now I'm exploring the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Hope you enjoy 



Today I began to learn the basic of Arduino and coding with Tommy (uni's technical guru) to put the idea into practice. From my experience with previous projects, I already knew soldering wasn't quite my forte so I was apprehensive as to how this would go. However, to my suprise, and i think Tommy's, I managed to wire together a load cell with Neopixles, so that depending on the weight a different colour effect would appear. 

We had previously discussed using a verity of sensors that would monitor, colour, distance, surface area. the aim for this would be to create a sense of mystery to the effect each object produced as the sensor would be used in different combinations. The idea for this was to try and mimic the mystery of atmosphere. however, after discussing this further, we figured in may be overly complicated and a few lines of coding may be able to solve it 

Blair McIntosh