Hello, so this is going to be a little glimpse into the thoughts and things around some projects. Right now I'm exploring the topic of atmosphere and how objects within the home can influence it. Hope you enjoy 

A Conversation with Dario


In the last couple of days, I had contacted an architectural firm in Stockholm to get a better understanding of how architects use and consider light within the home. It was at this point i began to talk to Dario who had been practising architecture for the last 10 years.

Earlier in our conversation, he had brought up some points which I had before considered but was clear I had to refine those points so that, to a bystander, the intentions of the project are clearly defined.

That aside, the conversation was really great and his initial thoughts on the project were very positive a felt there was great potential in it. One of the more interesting points we discussed was about Richard Kelly for his pioneering use of light as part of the architectural concept as he established the three basic visual effects in order to design the lighting of any space, these being focal glow, ambient luminescence & play of brilliants.

These techniques are similar to those used by photographers, as discussed with Paul, and has potential to be applied the three lights I hope to create, giving the project more purpose.

Blair McIntosh